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Work Ready Communities help you match employees to jobs based on verified skill levels.

An ACT Work Ready Community is one where the supply of ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificates earned by individuals is matched with a demand for ACT WorkKeys NCRC from employers who either recognize or recommend the credential. ACT has developed a methodology for establishing county goals proportionate to a community's size.  Once 'certified', the county can continue to maintain their status keeping the flow of supply and demand in sync. Employers can help their communities build a stronger workforce with the right foundational skill set by supporting their states and counties by learning how the ACT WorkKeys NCRC can help them find the right employee with the right skill set.

ACT WRC participating states, regions and counties offer a suite of ACT Work Keys assessments and the ACT WorkKeys NCRC that measure an individual's foundational workplace skills such as math, reading, information and locating skills required for a majority of today's jobs. The ACT WorkKeys NCRC complements such traditional credentials as high school diplomas, community college degrees, and certificates of technical proficiency. Academic credentials mark the fulfillment of an individual’s classroom learning experiences. The ACT WorkKeys NCRC relies on standardized assessments and confirms an individual’s competence in a specific set of workplace skills.

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Your participation in ACT Work Ready Communities [ACT WRC] benefits not just your company, but your entire community. ACT WRC is helping job seekers in your area understand what skills employers like you are looking for, and it helps local educators prepare students for success. And — they need you as an employer to value their earning an ACT WorkKeys NCRC!

Read the Summary of ACT WorkKeys Validation Research.

Case Studies

Glen Raven Custom Fabrics refines hiring process and develops talent pipeline

Boeing improves retention while reducing training time

Additional Case Studies

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Sector: Automotive Manufacturing
Solutions: Quality of hire, screening, career pathway, precision robotics skillset
Eastman Chemical
Sector: Chemical Additives Manufacturing
Solutions: Candidate pipeline, job profiling, improving quality of hire, dual enrollment HS-college
Phifer, Inc.
Sector: Materials Manufacturing
Solutions: Turnover reduction, hiring process, screening, WK curriculum, custom training with community college
Tri County Region/United Tool and Mold
Sector: Custom tooling and engineering for plastics industry
Solutions: Apprenticeship, job profiling, candidate pipeline, Work Ready Communities
Carthage Water and Electric
Sector: Energy and Telecommunications
Solutions: Improving quality of hire, Talent soft skills assessment, Work Ready Communities, smaller firms without fulltime HR
Daikin America
Sector: Polymer/Chemical Manufacturing
Solutions: Candidate pipeline, training improvement and cost reduction, quality of hire, HR process improvement, job profiling
Toray Carbon Fibers
Sector: Carbon Fiber Manufacturing
Solutions: Candidate pipeline, quality of hire, reduced training time, improved retention
Newell Coach
Sector: Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing
Solutions: Quality of hire, job profiling, screening
Click Bond
Sector: Aerospace
Solutions: Quality of hire, predictor of success, job candidate pipeline, time and cost savings, employee mobility/career pathway
Martco, LLC
Sector: Forestry
Solutions: Turnover reduction, test validity, job profiling, curriculum
Huntsville, Alabama Police Department
Sector: Public Safety
Solutions: Quality of hire, screening, reduced training time

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What Others Are Saying

“One of the main reasons that we decided to remain in Pottawatomie County was because of the strong work force and the county’s commitment to workforce readiness through ACT WorkReady program.”

Robert Weimann
Sarto Countertops

"ACT WorkKeys assessments that comprise the WorkKeys NCRC are good indicators of a person’s learning potential which will, hopefully, lead to successful completion of apprenticeship and structured training programs for Eastman’s advanced manufacturing jobs such as industrial mechanics, chemical operators, and lab analysts."

Laurey Conway
Manufacturing Training Associate

"At Eastman we want good-paying jobs and rewarding career opportunities for everyone in our community. And engaging in ACT Work Ready Communities is enabling us to work with other business and community leaders to introduce students and residents to ACT WorkKeys and the ACT WorkKeys NCRC and how it can help them take charge of their career decisions – whether seeking employment or furthering their education and training – we want everyone in Northeast Tennessee to be ready for success. I am thankful to work for a company that allows me to do that."

Tanya Foreman Education
Initiatives Manager

"You have to have a starting block and the NCRC is a great first step."

Stacey Thompson
Processing Technician II
Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, LLC

"WorkKeys has been a consistent predictor of successful trainability for Glen Raven."

Dennis Jackson
Human Resources Director
Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, LLC

"The most significant advantage of using the ACT WorkKeys solution is validating the suitability of an employment applicant to the performance requirements associated with a position."

Ray Peters
Vice President of Human Resources and Marketing

"We used ACT WorkKeys NCRC Silver level when selecting candidates for our electrical/mechanical apprenticeship program, and not a single individual underperformed because of an inability to comprehend class materials. ACT WorkKeys was truly an asset to the success of the Maintenance Apprenticeship Program."

Ray Peters
Vice President of Human Resources and Marketing

"RoyOMartin is an active supporter of the ACT Work Ready Communities initiative, having our hiring team fully trained on using the ACT WorkKeys NCRC and WorkKeys Assessments in their hiring decisions."

Donna Bailey
Corporate Director of Employee Engagement

"Without a doubt, ACT’s KeyTrain Learning Modules and WorkKeys Assessment make a significant contribution to the rigor of the WorkReadyNH program."

Charlotte Williams
Workforce Development Administrator
Community College System of NH

"Over a one year period we had that model in place (ACT WorkKeys) and we reduced our turnover in half from 14% to 7% and we have remained at 7% every year."

Russell DuBose
Director of Human Resources
Phifer Incorporated

"WorkKeys assessments identify an individual’s skill levels in critical skills required for entry level positions with our company. It provides a baseline knowledge of the foundational skills of that individual and helps screen for potential job candidates, ultimately saving the company significant training dollars."

Dan C. Stroot
Senior Manager, LLOC Manufacturing Quality & Safety Technical Training

"R.J. Reynolds is proud of its increase in diversity hiring since deploying ACT WorkKeys solutions. Having a skilled and diverse workforce is important to our company and our community."

Barbara Carter
Talent Requisition Partner
Regulatory RAI Services Company

"R.J. Reynolds has embraced the WorkKeys system and considers it as a strong tool to identify applicants who have the foundational skills to meet our stringent hiring requirements. The fact that it is a universal system, we know that all of the applicants have met the same criteria regardless of where they were tested. This has helped increase our candidate pool to enable hiring the best of the best."

Barbara Carter
Talent Requisition Partner
Regulatory RAI Services Company

"I would definitely recommend this program (ACT WorkKeys) for other employers. It allows you to focus your interviewing and your final testing of candidates on the most highly qualified candidates. It’s a huge time saver for me as the general manager and our hiring managers, that allows our team to focus on what they need to be doing which is building coaches."

Grant Kernan
General Manager
Newell Coach

"When you use the NCRC as your standard, not only are you getting people who are trainable and competent, you are getting access to a pool of people who would of otherwise been shut out. We feel very excited about it,…and I just can’t say enough about the value of the NCRC to our workforce and our future."

Ryan Costella
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Click Bond, Inc.

"(Using WorkKeys) we took our turnover in the initial three months from 14% on average to less than 4%. And now we are proud to say we have a turnover rate of less than 4% across the whole plant."

Jeff Powers
Director of HR and General Affairs

"We have seen a great return on investment with this program (ACT WorkKeys)….I believe it’s good for employees because they already feel a part of the team when they come in, they don’t feel so far behind and their learning curve is shorter."

Rachael Jenkins
Human Resource Supervisor
Daikin America

"Having been in site selection for many years, it has always been difficult to ensure my clients that there is available, stable and reliable workforce in a community. However, in the last few years when I see that a county is ACT Work Ready I know that they are following the steps in planning for the current and future workforce. Therefore, our tendency at FCG is to look strongly at ACT Work Ready Communities for new site locations. I would encourage all communities to seek that status."

Deane C. Foote
CEcD President & CEO
Foote Consulting Group, LLC

"ACT WorkKeys has been a tremendous help by showing us who has initiative by successfully taking WorkKeys and achieving the scores needed to walk in the door ready to be trained to safely and effectively run a chemical plant."

Todd Akard

This website reports the ACT® WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificates earned at the county and state level and the progress being made by those participating states and counties in the ACT Work Ready Community initiative. This site only represents data stored in the ACT RegiSTAR™ system, a web-based reporting and management tool for ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificates.

State and national ACT WorkKeys NCRC data runs from January 2006 through , while county-level data is starting from January 2012. State job profile data runs from January 2007 through , while national job profile data reaches back to 1993. Again, please note that county-level ACT WorkKeys NCRC data collection began in January 2012 for WorkKeys Internet Version, and in July 2012 for pencil and paper assessments. State and national certificate totals include historical data prior to 2012.

WorkKeys® assessments are used across the nation, and many states have built their own Career Readiness Certificates based upon WorkKeys assessment results. You will find an asterisk denoting those states. This website will continue to evolve as the first two rounds of participating states give us feedback on what they would like to see -- and based on your feedback, as well.

Please contact us if you have comments, questions or would like to receive more information.